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    Why IKTARA KIDS Preschool?
    Now that you have decided to send your child to a preschool, the next question is “ Why IKTARA KIDS?”. IKTARA KIDS has the best-in-class curriculum developed by our in-house curriculum.

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    Many parents ask us “ why is it necessary to send a child to a preschool?”. Preschools have become a key stage in the development of a child for the following reasons

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    Admissions Open For Current Academic Year

    Come experience the Iktara kids approach to preschool education now !

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Message from the Founder

Welcome to Iktara Kids Preschool!

We believe that parents are the first and most important teacher in a child's life! We exist to support and nurture your efforts. We accomplish this by offering safe, affordable, high quality childcare for children 1 ½ - 6 years old.
Both our preschool & childcare programs offer hands-on, developmentally appropriate instruction that encompass a variety of skills necessary for whole-child development & early learning. For our 1 ½ to 6 year old students, this is done with a focus on kindergarten readiness. We collaborate with our Kindergarten & first grade teachers to ensure that our curriculum supports their goals for success at the early elementary level. Our Preschool & Childcare environment is structured, but allows for and fosters self-directed learning. We believe that children have specific, individual needs and we work diligently to find the best methods for reaching each individual child. Our daily schedule offers opportunities for learning through play and exploration with a focus on literacy skills, math, science, independence and self-esteem.
We are dedicated to providing children with positive early experiences to create a community of lifelong learners!
Mr. Vivek Gupta
(Founder & CMD)
  • About Us

    We introduce ourselves as an educationally focused organization that intends to raise the bar on standards of quality in education across the nation by sincere performance and dedicated efforts towards dynamic growth. We herewith present our noble brand “IKTARA KIDS”- a well researched pre-school concept to benchmark Early Childhood Education.

    It is established to meet the requirements of those parents who want only the best education for their children right from Pre-school. Adhering to this discretion they have emerged as one of the premium pre-schools in our country, with superior facilities, infrastructure and an unmatched curriculum. These unique disciplines have helped them to redefine pre-schooling in our arena. We adopts a holistic approach to education offers young kids- an integrated curriculum focusing on the child’s linguistic, cognitive, emotional and physical development though innovatively conceived teaching methodology.

    IKTARA Educare Pvt Ltd. is a new generation organization primarily aimed to offer solutions across multiple levels in education. The foundation of IKTARA is an excellent blend of a pool of talented professionals from the field of child education, education research and experts with an infinite wealth of experience in corporate and strategic management. Enabled with rich leadership the company is born with the vision of setting new benchmarks in the field of education by optimizing quality in all deliverables through Innovaton & Research.

    The company backed by young, dynamic, enthusiastic team, grown with a dossier of Childhood educational expert, Functional Experts and management professionals with a backdrop of premier education and rich experience. Besides this, the third element for our holistic solution is the input of our creative member dedicated for corporate brand enhancing and positioning.

  • Vision and Mission

    To provide early childhood education in integrating character & building the child to be a lifelong learner.

    Laying foundations for success.

  • Methodology & Philosophy

    At Iktara Kids we believe that children are capable and eager learners. We support their need for hands-on, meaningful activities and are advocates for the importance of play. Through play, children learn the rules of society; they work out emotional problems and develop imagination. In play, children learn how to share, to negotiate, to collaborate, and how other people feel; they formulate, test and revise theories about the world around them. While they play, they are masters of their own world — they are in charge. We consider these years critical, not only for the world of knowledge waiting to be learned, but because basic attitudes are being formed — about their world, people with whom they are in contact, and most of all, about themselves. Each child is valued and respected as an individual. We are committed to help children learn problem-solving skills, to become responsible for actions taken and to develop increased control over body and mind. Emphasis is on the whole child. Our staff, composed of skilled, caring teachers trained in early childhood education, is committed to helping each child reach their full potential in the emotional, social, physical, creative and cognitive domains. We are dedicated to establishing strong connections between children and their peers, children and staff and staff and families. At Iktara Kids adults and children are partners in creating meaningful curriculum and growth experiences.throughout their life.



  • Our focus is primarily on joyful learning, inculcating the right values, good habits, developing life skills and formation of a strong character. We believe that the values and habits inculcating at this stage of one’s life remains with him/her throughout.

    • Our curriculum is of global standards. It is a step ahead from child centered learning to child initiated learning.

    • The curriculum is thematic and makes learning holistic for students.